Need a New Garage Door? 

We carry a Large Selection-Including Custom Wood Doors

If it’s steel or a custom built wood door, a wood-free or fiberglass, we carry every kind of top-quality garage door at a fair price.

Our garage doors far exceed the standard doors that are found on many new homes today. Before installation we always upgrade the door system with nylon ball bearing rollers to provide years of quiet and smooth operation. Our hinges are made of 14-gauge steel, which will last longer and are less likely to bend. And we use only torsion garage door spring systems for a level, smooth operation. These extra measures ensure that your garage door will last for years.



Hutchins Garage Door Service

This is the garage door found on most new homes today. They are strong, relatively light, durable and come in several different patterns. Steel garage doors can be easily insulated to keep out hot and cold and can include decorative windows. They can also be faux-painted to match the décor of your house. This is a very cost-effective option.




A Raynor carriage house door is one of the most popular choices for residential homes today. A carriage house garage door will have a more detailed pattern and can be a steel door or it could be a custom built wood door. Slightly more expensive than a standard door, the carriage house doors often include decorative steel or iron hardware and may also include decorative windows giving the look of an elegant carriage house. They have the reliability of the Raynor steel doors and the custom wood doors while adding a distinctive look to your home. Very popular today.




Our very own, built here in Austin “Tree Free” doors. These Tree Free doors beautifully mimic the natural look of real wood garage doors, but without the added maintenance associated with natural wood. That is because a strong synthetic material is bonded onto a heavy duty steel garage door, simulating the elegant and beautiful look of real wood.

The benefits of Wood-free doors are many:

•Wood-free garage doors are elegant and beautiful, simulating the
look of real wood
•Wood-free garage doors are low-maintenance and highly durable;
they do not splinter, crack or molder
•Wood-free garage doors never have to be re-stained
•Wood-free garage doors are tougher than steel
•Wood-free garage doors can be painted to your taste at any time
•Wood-free garage doors are highly insulated
•Wood-free garage doors are guaranteed by Hutchins for five years
from installation!

Hutchins Garage Doors is one of only two door companies here in the Austin area which is authorized to install these revolutionary new garage doors. Call Hutchins for more details about our “Tree Free” doors.




These doors are the choice of many new home builders and are the rage right now. That’s because the distinction of a real wood garage door can add depth and beauty to any home. Natural wood doors will add curb appeal as well as increase your real estate value. Our wood garage doors are custom-designed and custom built. We can match the décor of other decorative elements of your home or design something totally unique. If you have an idea for it, we will build it! Our custom wood doors are insulated to give you energy-saving abilities which does help to keep your home warm or cool in every season.

Hutchins Garage Doors represents a custom wood door builder here in Austin. We see these doors being manufactured by local craftsmen every day. The quality of craftsmanship is top-notch and we believe you will appreciate the beauty of these doors. Our custom builder has also consulted with the Central Texas Environment Services for recommendations and guidelines to producing the most environmentally safe products.



Hutchins Garage Doors - Specialty Garage Door

Have you got a car lift in your garage that requires the installation of High-Lifted Doors? Would you like the latest modern look of a Full-View glass door to distinguish your home? Would you like your garden gate to mimic the design of your garage door? We can build just about any kind of overhead garage door with a gate to match. We will work with you to create beautiful new enhancements for your home. Call us today at 512-442-5301 to see the very latest in garage door designs and options.