We Service All Makes and Models

Hutchins Garage Doors provides service for all brands of garage door openers.

We also provide and sell professional grade LiftMaster brand operators as they are known for reliability, safety, and solid warranty.



Chain Drive

LiftMaster chain drive operators use a roller chain to drive the door. Chain drives are generally stronger systems although they are not as quiet as jack shaft or belt driven openers. LiftMaster manufactures three levels of chain drive openers. They range from the value oriented 8165 to the strong premium ultra quiet 8360.


Belt Drive

The LiftMaster belt drive operator uses a Kevlar reinforced rubber belt to drive the door. The belt drive systems are quieter than the chain drive systems and include a shock absorber to reduce the strain on gears and increase operator life. LiftMaster makes three levels of belt drive openers that range from the value oriented 8155 to the strong premium ultra quiet 8550W.


Jack Shaft

The LiftMaster Jackshaft operators connect to the door torsion shaft and uses no rail. This is a very unique system that can be used in a residential application with high-lifted doors, or any other situation that meets power and mounting room requirements. It operates very quietly as it uses no belts or chain. This is the ideal system for all high lift or vertical lift applications. The LiftMaster 8500 is also a great operator for light duty commercial application.

LiftMaster is the industry leader in residential garage door openers. LiftMaster is the professional version of the Craftsman and Chamberlain products that you will find at most hardware stores. However the professional versions differ in two major areas: the rails on the professional grade LiftMaster operators use solid cast steel rails. The solid rail is a huge improvement over the box store versions which use three separate smaller pieces that must be fitted together. These pieced together rails add time to the installation and also increase points of failure. Another benefit to the Pro LiftMaster operator is that the warranties are doubled. One more benefit of Pro LiftMaster is that we install them which means it will be installed quickly, correctly, safely and with our Pro warranty. We have provided LiftMaster openers for many years. We stand behind the quality and reliability of the professional grade LiftMaster products.