Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.33.13 PMShopping for a new garage door can be overwhelming. With all of the many different design options, safety features, and new technology, many homeowners do not know where to begin, however, in a recent survey of garage door shoppers it was asked, “What are your top priorities when looking for a new garage door?” Here is what these homeowners had to say –

Priority #1: Appearance and Curb Appeal.
With today’s home architecture, in many cases, the garage door is a large part the façade. The doors on our home will greatly add or diminish to the character of the house. It goes without saying that consumers are looking for more than just a utility door. They are looking for good looks. To help with the task of looking good, we now take a photo of the house and then place the new door on the image of your home. By doing this you can see what the house will look like with new doors and get a good feeling before going forward with your purchase.

Priority #2: Price
There are many options such as steel, fiberglass, natural woods, full view glass doors and more. The steel doors tend to be the most economical with the natural wood and full view glass doors costing a bit more. You get more bang for your buck when choosing a steel door in a solid color or a steel door finished to look like a wood door. There are many opinions that can affect pricing such as window selection, insulation, and decorative hardware. There are good deals from reputable garage door companies, such as RAYNOR® Garage Doors, which are sold and installed by Hutchins Garage Doors here in Austin.

Priority #3: Durability
Will the door stand up to the weather conditions for your specific climate? Many stand and many will not, so it is important to choose a manufacturer that builds a good product that they will guarantee. Be sure to ask how and which materials were used to build the door, so you know it will stand the test of time. For instance, we know that RAYNOR® Garage Doors are built with high strength steel, a galvanized layer, epoxy paint and then a baked on a finish which is guaranteed against rust for at least 6 years. And there is more…

Surprisingly, safety was not a top concern although this may be because it is something that is expected from today’s consumers. Safety is always a priority at Hutchins. Here is a little info for you. Since 1993 The according to the owner’s manual or have it inspected by a professional garage door repairman. Consumer Protection Safety Commission urges consumers with automatic garage door openers to test the openers according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, to make sure they have a reversing feature. The reversing feature should then be tested monthly. If the door fails to reverse, adjust the door Additionally, owners of automatic garage door openers should teach their children about garage door safety and keep transmitters and remote controls out of children’s reach.

In our next message, we will talk about priority #4 which is low maintenance, priority #5 that is a good warranty and priority #6 which is security. All of these are important questions to ask your garage door pro when choosing a new garage door.

If you need any help with choosing a garage door to fit your style and budget or if you simply need a tune-up/safety check, Hutchins Garage Doors is here to help! Visit us at hutchinsgaragedoors.com or call us at 512-442-5301.

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Can we get a screen door for the garage?

Yes you can. There are a few garage door screen companies that can be found on the web and there are a few that your garage door pro can recommend. They are fully retractable and will work with most existing garage doors. They are spring loaded which allows them ease of opening and closing. Call your local pro to get one installed quickly and correctly.

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Should I replace my garage door if I’m selling my house?

It depends on the look and the operating condition of the door. Remember that in many cases your garage doors and entry doors are often a first impression when showing your house. Garage doors are often the largest part of the house façade and upgrading can dramatically enhance the overall look of the house. Also, if the door is in poor condition it is a safety hazard. When in doubt, get it checked out.

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What type of roller is recommended for my garage door?

Steel rollers are common on older garage doors and can be a bit noisy. Some economy style doors run with plastic rollers which can wear out quickly and will need to be replaced over time. The 13 ball bearing nylon rollers are the quietest and they are durable. We recommend the 13 ball bearing nylon rollers for smooth operation and longevity. Hutchins uses nylon rollers in 99% of our residential installations and repairs.

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Should I choose a steel, aluminum, fiberglass or wood garage door?

There are a few items for you to consider. Think about location, esthetics, cost of the door, functionality and durability, etc. Custom wood doors are beautiful. They are more expensive than steel doors and may need a bit more maintenance and attention over time. A custom wood door will enhance the beauty of your home. Fiberglass is durable and can be made to look like natural wood. They are durable and should not need as much maintenance as natural wood doors. It’s not the most economical but if you like the look and feel of the fiberglass it may be right for you. Aluminum is most often used in Full View glass doors which you see a lot of contractors using when modernizing homes. Aluminum full View doors are strong and durable. Aluminum can be powder coated in hundreds of colors so you can get exactly what you want. The cost of an aluminum door is similar to natural wood and fiberglass but varies greatly depending on glass choice. Steel is the most economical. Steel comes in a large variety of looks such as colonial, ranch, carriage house and more. There are many colors and options from which to choose. All the above mentioned doors are available insulated or non-insulated, with or without glass and hardware a multitude of options. In many cases your garage door is the largest door on your house and a large part of your façade. Do your homework before you purchase. Go to a pro that has a showroom where you can browse and choose what best fits you. Avoid the “One Guy and A Truck” when shopping garage doors.

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Can individual sections be replaced?

So you have one or more panels that need to be replaced. Yes you can replace individual sections but just as long as the make and model are still being manufactured. There may be an occasion when you can retrofit a different make or model door section from the same manufacturer. But this is often not recommended for safety reasons nor will the manufacturer guaranty or warranty the replacement. Call a trusted and established garage door company. They will know where to get parts and sections you’ll need as well as advise you on what can be done properly.

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Why choose a Raynor garage door?

Whether it’s a steel or aluminum garage door for your home, or a sectional or rolling door for a commercial or agricultural application, Raynor products are crafted for dependable long-lasting performance. Raynor Doors are also 100% American made and manufactured. They are a proud family company which has been manufacturing garage doors for over 95 years. They get it! Good products, good people, happy customers are why we recommend and back-up Raynor products. Residential, commercial and industrial. They have it!

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What is the recommended maintenance for a garage door?

Your door should be check out and tuned up once a year. This preventative maintenance can avoid costly emergency repairs as well as increase the longevity of your door. A good technician can point out potential problems and safety hazards before they sneak up on you.

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How much does a new garage door opener cost?

You will first need to assess your needs. What size door are we opening and closing? If you have a room above the garage you may want to consider a quiet operating opener. Do you want or need wifi capability for opening and closing on demand? Do you want a belt drive, chain drive or a direct drive? Would you like to have battery back-up built in? Overall what is the right fit for your garage door? All of these questions and more will help you make a final decision to fit your needs and cost. Do you have a manufacturer in mind such as LiftMaster, Linear or Marantec. As an example only, a very nice residential opener, installed by Hutchins Garage Doors here in the Austin Texas area (which is where I am, your area will differ), will cost $354 to $474 depending on your needs, quality and make of opener, number of remotes and keypads requested, manufacturer incentives, monthly specials, etc.

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How much does a new garage door cost?

Before we get to a number we first need to assess your needs. What size is the door? Is it a custom size or special order door? Will it be insulated? Will it have windows? Is it a wood, fiberglass or steel door? What kind of look or finish do you like? All of these questions and more will play a role in the final cost of your door. So to take a shot at it and start economically, you can get a very nice brand new 8×7 basic steel Raynor Door with all new hardware in almond or white, installed in Austin Texas and surrounding communities, (which is where I am, your area will differ), for between $454 and $594, installed. A 16×7 door with the same specs would be $742 to $882, installed. Offers change often with many garage door companies depending on season, manufacturer incentives, as well as other specials and coupons. Your purchase should include at least a 3 year parts and labor warranty as well as a 5 year manufacture warranty. This is not an official quote as there are always variables your need and current steel prices, transportation, Geographic’s, building codes, etc.

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